Paper 1: "Multivariable process identification for MPC: the ASYM method and its applications" by Yucai Zhu

In this work we will introduce the asymptotic method (ASYM) of identification and provide two case studies. Fundamental problems, such as test signal design for control, model order/structure selection, parameter estimation and model error quantification, are solved in a systematic manner. To demonstrate the use of the method for model predictive control (MPC), the identification of a Shell benchmark process (a simulated distillation column) and an industrial application to a crude unit atmospheric tower will be presented.

Paper 2: "Multivariable and Closed-Loop Identification for Model Predictive Control" by Yucai Zhu and Firmin Butoyi

We will study multivariable and closed-loop identification of large scale industrial processes for use in model predictive control (MPC). The advantages of closed-loop identification will be discussed and related problems of identification are outlined. Then, asymptotic method (ASYM) of identification is introduced. To demonstrate the use of the method, the identification of a deethanizer for use in MPC will be presented.

Paper 3: "Increase MPC Project Efficiency by using a  Modern Identification Method" by Bill. Snow, Ken Emigholz and Yucai Zhu

In this work we will study the identification of industrial processes for use in MPC. The advantages of closed-loop identification will be discussed and related issues are outlined. ASYM/Tai-Ji ID method is introduced. Two case studies are carried out to demonstrate the feasibility of the technology. The first one is a partial closed-loop identification of two distillation columns within a chemical plant. The second case is a total closed-loop identification of a simulated distillation column.

Paper 4: "Progress in MPC Identification: A Case Study on Totally Closed-Loop Plant Test" by Yucai Zhu

Tai-Ji ID technology is introduced. A vacuum unit identification will be used to validate the technology. During the test, an existing MPC controller was online for stabilizing the operation. All MV's were tested simultaneously.  The whole identification work took only few days. The performance of the new controller meets the client expectations.

Paper 5: "How much can we increase the efficiency of MPC identification?" (Paper, Presentation.) by Ralph Lien, Jay Deshmukh and Yucai Zhu.

Tai-Ji ID technology has been applied to a chemical reaction unit. There were initial concerns on applying the new technology to the given unit. The result is very encouraging and convincing: Up to 80% time have been saved in plant test and model identification, operation acceptance of the new technology is very good. 

Paper 6: "Closed-loop identification at the Hovensa Refinery" by Phil Celaya, Bob Tkatch, Yucai Zhu and Rohit Patwardhan.

This paper describes Tai-Ji Online (ProcessDoctor--Tai-Ji) technology, its use on a large MPC application on the crude #6 unit and documents the results of the testing and modeling project. Closed-loop test was used with the existing MPC online; 80% cost was saved.