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May, 2007. Tai-Ji Control announced the release of Tai-Ji MPC, an adaptive MPC technology. “Get the design right, the rest is automatic.” Tai-Ji MPC integrates online identification and online MPC control; it can perform automated MPC commissioning and maintenance. Tai-Ji Control has successfully applied Tai-Ji MPC to two PTA units. Click here for a presentation on Tai-Ji MPC.

March, 2006. Yucai Zhu has given a plenary presentation at IFAC’s SYSID2006 Symposium in Newcastle, Australia. He predicted that future MPC controllers will be adaptive and can be used by operators. Click here for the slides.

February, 2006. A major international petroleum company has standardized on ProcessDoctor, Matrikon's solution for auditing, monitoring and optimizing the assets that control plants for all 16 of their refineries and gas plants. One of the three modules of ProcessDoctor is Tai-Ji (Tai-Ji Online).

October, 2005. After a successful pilot project, a refining company has licensed Tai-Ji Online (ProcessDoctor--Tai-Ji) for all its refineries.

June, 2005. After a successful pilot project, a PetroCanada refinery has licensed Tai-Ji Online (ProcessDoctor--Tai-Ji).

June, 2005. Tai-Ji Control has released Tai-Ji PID, a PID auto-tuning package based on closed-loop identification.

June, 2004. Tai-Ji Control and Matrikon Inc have applied Tai-Ji Online (ProcessDoctor--Tai-Ji) for a closed-loop identification at the Hovensa Refinery, USA. The results will be presented at NPRA Computer Conference 2004.

April, 2004. A BP chemical plant in Texas, USA has licensed Tai-Ji ID and Tai-Ji Test. This is our first BP client in North America.

February, 2004. A BP UK chemical plant has licensed Tai-Ji ID and Tai-Ji Test.

February, 2004. Tai-Ji Control and Matrikon Inc (Edmonton, Canada) announced that they are developing Tai-Ji Online, the world's first online/adaptive identification technology for large scale MPC controllers. Tai-Ji Online combines the strength of both companies, the identification technology of Tai-Ji Control and connectivity and software infrastructure of Matrikon. Several site tests has been finished successfully. Tai-Ji Online can be sold as a stand alone product, or, as a module of ProcessDoctor of Matrikon Inc.

December, 2003. Woodside Energy Ltd, a Shell subsidiary in Australia, has license Tai-Ji ID and Tai-Ji Test.

September, 2003. Tai-Ji Control and Rohm and Haas have jointly presented a paper at NPRA (21-24 September, 2003, San Antonio, USA.) The work reports a Tai-Ji ID application to a chemical reaction unit. Click the following for the Paper and the Presentation.

August, 2003. Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia has licensed Tai-Ji ID and Tai-Ji Test.

July 2003. A valero refinery has licensed Tai-Ji ID and Tai-Ji Test.

June 2003. Tai-Ji Control has exhibited Tai-Ji ID software at ERTC Computing Conference, 23-25 June, 2002 in Milan, Italy. Yucai Zhu has presented a paper on total closed-loop identification

March 2003. A Rohm and Haas site has licensed Tai-Ji ID and Tai-Ji Test.

January 2003. Tai-Ji Control has released Tai-Ji Test, a Windows 98/NT/2000/XP program for carrying out plant test. Tai-Ji Test is used for multivariable, open loop and closed-loop test. Tai-Ji Test can communicate to various DCS systems via OPC, PHD and CIMIO. Tai-Ji Test has user-friendly interfaces for setting up, monitoring and adjusting the plant test.

December 2002.  Petrobras Process Automation and Control Sector has licensed Tai-Ji ID. 

December 2002. A CITGO refinery in USA has licensed Tai-Ji ID.

October 2002. Tai-Ji ID 3.2 is released. The key features of the new version are: 1) reduced computation time, 2) improved numerical accuracy, 3) automated time delay estimation and 4) new GUIs for analyzing and comparing models.

May 2002. Tai-Ji Control will exhibit Tai-Ji ID software at ERTC Computing Conference, 10-12 June, 2002 in Barcelona, Spain. Yucai Zhu will present a paper on the new development in MPC identification. See you in Barcelona!

April 2002. After a successful pilot project, TotalFinaElf has licensed Tai-Ji ID. The technology will be used in their MPC commissioning and maintenance. This is a major breakthrough of Tai-Ji ID in the European market.

October 2001. Yucai Zhu has published his second book on system identification: "Multivariable System Identification for Process Control", Elsevier Science Ltd, Oxford, 2001, ISBN 0-08-043985-3, 371 pages. The book is a reflection of his work in the field for over 16 years including academic research, technology development and engineering application. 

October 2001. Tai-Ji Control and ExxonMobil will present a paper on new method of MPC identification at ARTC Computing Conference. See you in Kuala Lumpur!

October 2001. Tai-Ji Control will exhibit Tai-Ji ID software at NPRA Computer Conference and Showcase. See you in Dallas! 

September 2001. IFP in France has licensed Tai-Ji ID.

August 2001. A Valero refinery in New Jersey has licensed Tai-Ji ID. 

July 2001. Tai-Ji Control is moving! As of 12 July 2001, Tai-Ji Control has moved to Best, northwest of Eindhoven. We hope to serve our clients worldwide better in our new and much larger office. See the home page for the new address. The email remains the same.

June 2001. Tai-Ji Control and ExxonMobil have presented a paper on multivariable and closed-loop identification at ERTC Computing Conference in Paris, France. 

April, 2001. Tai-Ji Control has developed a two-day training course on MPC identification and Tai-Ji ID. The course teaches fundamentals on identification and explain Tai-Ji ID methodology in detail. Many Tai-Ji ID labs are included. The first course was given at ExxonMobil R&E Center and was very successful.

October, 2000. Tai-Ji ID 3.1 is released. The major improvements are in user interfaces and in test design.

May, 2000. Tai-Ji Control will take part in ERTC Computing Conference, 26 ~ 28 June 2000, Berlin. We will present a joint paper with Dow entitled "Multivariable and closed-loop identification for model predictive control". We will also show Tai-Ji ID at Computer Showcase. See you in Berlin!

December, 1999. A BP refinery in The Netherlands has licensed Tai-Ji ID.

November, 1999. Exxon has carried out a multivariable and partial closed-loop identification on one of their units using Tai-Ji ID technology. The model quality is very good. Both test time and the time of data analysis are cut considerably when compared with a conventional method. Based on this result and the result at Mobil Oil, ExxonMobil is interested to license additional Tai-Ji ID copies.

August, 1999. Mobil Oil has used Tai-Ji ID for the identification of an FCC unit. When compared to a previous identification using traditional approach, Tai-Ji ID technology has cut test time considerably and model quality is very good.

August, 1999. Dow Benelux in The Netherlands has carried out a partial closed-loop identification of a deethanizer. Tai-Ji ID technology was used. The test lasted few days. The model quality is much better than that from a previous open loop test. The results will be published in Hydrocarbon Processing.

July, 1999. Air Products (USA) has licensed Tai-Ji ID.

May, 1999. Zhong Kong Company in Hangzhou has licensed Tai-Ji ID. This is the first Tai-Ji ID license in China.

July, 1998. Statoil in Norway used Tai-Ji ID for model identification for two distillation columns. One column was tested under partial closed-loop. Based on the good results obtained, Statoil decide to license Tai-Ji ID as the identification tool for their MPC control projects.

November, 1997. After careful evaluation, Dow Chemical decides to license Tai-Ji ID for their MPC projects in their sites in The Netherlands, Germany, USA and Canada.

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