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Tai-Ji MPC: An adaptive MPC technology 

Tai-Ji Online: Online MPC identification technology 

Tai-Ji ID: New generation MPC identification

Tai-Ji PID: PID auto-tuner based on closed-
   loop identification

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Preface and M-files of the book  "Multivariable System
   Identification for Process Control"

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What is Tai-Ji? Read the Introduction of
   Yucai Zhu’s PhD thesis (1990).


Tai-Ji Control BV is a control technology company specialized in system identification and model predictive control (MPC). Tai-Ji Control has developed new generation MPC identification technology Tai-Ji ID, Tai-Ji Online. Tai-Ji ID and Tai-Ji Online are used at nearly 90 refineries and (petro)chemical plants in their MPC projects. Users include Dow Chemical, Statoil, ExxonMobil, BP, Valero, Total, Petrobras, Rohm and Haas, Saudi Aramco, BOC, Hovensa, PatroCanada, Tesoro and BOC (Linde).

Recently, Tai-Ji Control has released Tai-Ji MPC, a semi-adaptive MPC technology and Tai-Ji NMPC, a nonlinear MPC technology. Both technologies can perform MPC commissioning and maintenance semi-automatically and thus considerably reduce the cost of MPC applications.

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